Pile on the Style with Accessorize Pakistan!

Ahhh, that impulse purchase, ruiner of our budgets and culprit of our remorse. We make so much efforts to save and live frugally every month, but the shopping beast evokes when something gleaming from behind the showcase grabs our attention. We just can’t resist the temptation and experience a high adrenaline rush once wse like something on the display. We subconsciously delve into our fantasies and imagine ourselves posing with the product. That’s mere innocence, isn’t it? I’m sure all of us go through the same experience at our favorite stores. The world (read: men) doesn’t understand!

Hang in there!..  Don’t we deserve to pamper ourselves and fulfil our own wishlist once… twice….. or may be thrice in a blue moon? What can work as a cure for you to come out of some depressing moments? Or simply what can just bring positive vibrations to your day? Shopping is such a mood buster and makes us feel good within. I have a suggestion! Forget everything, just grab your bag and head to the mall in style.

So I’ve got the best option for you to indulge yourself in shopping and bring out that crazy shopping beast in you. Let me take you through a delightful and exciting virtual shopping spree to one of my favorite brand, Accessorize. Their “Autumn Collection 2017” has landed in store! Trust me you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety and won’t be able to resist your spending temptation. This place is a must-visit this season!!!

Accessorize is a UK fashion brand offering statement accessories that enhance our look and gives the perfect finishing touch to our outfits. I was invited to the “La Bloggers Party” on October 7, 2017 to celebrate the launch of their new collection. It was an exciting experience to witness some beautiful accessories and trends with other bloggers.

Lets explore!




Just one piece of statement jewellery can make your outfit stand out!


Some chic statement jewellery pieces!


Mismatched earrings are in the spotlight!

Check out the the extensive collection of backpacks, cross-body bags and formal clutches!


Their collection has it all! From functional fabric and nylon bags to the most classy and refined leather bags.


Unique embroidered leather and fabric bags


If bling is your thing!



My pick for the wedding season this year!


These trendy clutches, your perfect companions for this season!

Lovely footwear for beaches, afternoons at the pool or just a day out in a pair of shoes to beat the summer heat………


Cool collection of sandals and flip flops!

Ohhhh….. they also have some warm winter accessories in stock for you!


Wrap up your look with these warm scarves this winter!

Here comes my favorite section of the store! (I’m definitely going to have another post for Monsoon Kids) but the Kids stuff by Accessorize was equally good. I wanted to get everything for my little girl, more than I wanted to get stuff for myself. Their inspiring stationary and hair collection to die for! Have a look!


Isn’t this stuff just adorable?


Now check this beauty on the wall, would you mind having one in your room?


So, how was it?

Lets Accessorize with some hottest styles and trends from the Autumn Collection 2017 by Accessorize Pakistan!

Do let me know about your experience at #Accessorize!



Weekend Getaway for Karachiites!

I’ve been away from blogging for quite sometime, there’s been so much going on in the past few weeks, Eid, kids being unwell, maid issues and other family commitments.  But I’m back! (really need to struggle to take out time for my passion and interest). Amidst all the chaos, we got time to plan a mini day road trip. So today I’m sharing the details about our experience and some tips for you to keep in mind when you plan for going on one.

Before I go into the details of our tripping, let me tell you, my husband and I are in an adventurous mode these days. We are up for all plans to experience something new with the family and specially with our three munchkins. Be it a new eatery or a newly discovered picnic spot. But beaches have always been our first preference.

So coming back to the subject, we planned an excursion to Kund Malir, Balochistan on August 12, 2017, the long weekend. I’d call it a mini plan since it was just two families and two cars for just the day. The plan was conveniently executed because of minimal intervention and chaos. But I’m sure planning one with a huge number of family members/friends can be more fun, only if organized decently.

We left at 7 am and headed towards Hub Chowki. There’s just one route to go to Kund Malir and that is through Makran Coastal Highway. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach Zero-point from Karachi (totally depending on the rush hours, so the earlier the better). Zero point is the check post where the road bifurcates into two, the RCD Highway (now N-25) and Makran Coastal Highway.

I never knew surpassing barren mountains and desert beach could be such a scenic treat and a fabulous experience. As soon as you surpass Hub Chowki you’ll see the sparsely populated areas on both sides with ongoing construction projects. On your right, you’ll spot the barren mountains and dry trees, short on vegetation. As you move further you’ll drive through fuel stations, tyre shops, some local motels and resturants and then it’s just you and the sand. The road is wide and beautifully constructed but sadly no facilities available in case your car breaks down or any other emergency. So be fully prepared!



Towards the Zero Point from Karachi


Meandering through the stark beauty of desert



Zero point to Kund Malir




At the Kund Malir Beach







There’s a small cafe at the spot where you’ll find drinks and snacks. You can rest for a while and there is washroom facility too, but I bet you would not want to use it after witnessing the condition. The locals of that area have built small huts where you can chill out and keep all your stuff while you enjoy in the water. (Ofcourse, they charge you for using the provision but it’s reasonable if you use your bargaining skills)

Total distance: 237 kms (Karachi to Kund Malir)

Total time: Approximately 4 hours

Important tips:

  • Keep your fuel tank full. Get them refilled at the last pump at zero point also, check the air pressure for tyres so there are no chances of them getting flat.
  • Preferably you should have at least 1 more car with you on the trip that travels with you throughout, in case of emergency you will have assistance (especially when travelling with families)
  • In case you have children on board, please carry ample food supplies. Please keep in mind there are no diaper changing facilities anywhere.
  • No mobile or wi-fi signals available beyond the outskirts of Karachi.
  • Please do check the weather condition in that area before travelling, you might experience a dust storm.
  • You should calculate your timings so you can (ideally) reach Karachi before the dusk, unless you plan a night stay or drive further to Gwadar.

Kund Malir is a great picnic spot if you are a wanderlust and enjoy long drives. Sadly, Karachiites can’t just pack their bags and go for a day out somewhere because of the limited options and lack of proper roads, but it is definitely one spot which you can go for!

Let me know about your experience if you’ve been there already or freely ask questions if you plan on going there 🙂


Why is a Pakistani woman always under stress?

Why are women so deeply affected by mental and emotional stress? Why our Pakistani women are so stressed all the time? It’s because we are trying to become super jugglers with hands on one task and minds elsewhere. And in failing to keep up with the pretense of juggling at home and/or work, we get strained.  I always wonder if there is any time of the day when my mind is clear of all anxious thoughts, unrelenting doubts or chronic worrying. I don’t think so! There’s always something bustling deep inside the brain.


So what complicates a woman’s life and why is she prone to stress? Is she encumbered with responsibilities or her emotional sensitivity overpowers her capabilities? No! I believe it’s not just the internal factors that cause stress but because of extensive social pressure and adherence to percieved cultural conformities. And it’s the society’s paradigm of ideal woman that intimidates us.

Parents nurture their girl with best materialistic pursuits and peace of mind, so she grows into a responsible woman. She always try to return all her parents efforts into making them proud and fulfill her responsibilities. Her life revolves around pride (when she bags a medal or bakes a cake), love (when she chooses the man of her life and reciprocates to her parents), career progression (when she becomes self-reliant, independent and has a career), motherhood (when she bears the pain for 9 months and brings a new life to the world) and raising the child (when she is engrossed in upbringing her child in the best possible way).

Why are our women relatively more vulnerable to stress related disorders? Lets summarize:

636309747947772972-1411166293_College Finals Stressed

  1. Pressure to get married

You have to get married, you’re 25″, “If you don’t get married now, you won’t have many options later”, “your beauty will fade away with your age, you should get married” and the list goes on. So a girl when turns 25 years (23 years in some cases), the rishta (matrimony) brigade enters with marriage proposals, sarcasm, emotional and body shaming etc, you involuntarily become a victim. You go through rejections and approvals. Whether you marry your parents’ choice or your own, life won’t be a bed of roses.

2. Dealing with in-laws and changed reality after marriage

Most stress is felt among women aged between 25 to 45, they struggle and strike a balance between their family compulsions and demanding career life. The post marriage trauma is of having to put up with the antics of in-laws and living with a grown up child (your husband who suddenly decides to behave like a child), to progress in your career and manage the house chores simultaneously.

3. Inability to manage work life balance

Once you are married, it becomes strenuous to create a balance between the two. Most of the time, we get pulled towards our family expectations and on the other hand we are enticed to avail A class career opportunities. In most of the cases we are expected to make a choice, eventually we’re bound to surrender career for family.

4. Pressure to have a child

No the rishta brigade takes a new manifestation of probing agents who expose you to full blown overt interrogation, geared around just one question “When will you have a baby?” Somehow all friends and foes turn into urologists and gynecologists, even people whom you’re seeing for the first time are ready to offer you the most intimate advice. It seems as if it’s become the only purpose of your existence.

5. Guide to perfect parenting

Now that you have a baby or two, unprepared with minimal support and solid experience, you raise your kids. The unsolicited advice from the relatives and friends on upbringing your kids, being judgmental on personal issues like your preference towards mother feed vs top feed, your kids’ manners, cleanliness of your house, mismatched clothes etc are enough to make you stressed.


People do not contemplate the reasons behind your distress. You could have been up with your kids in the middle of the night or you’ve been bearing your child’s tantrums all day, you might have had an argument with your husband or simply because you don’t feel good about anything. There are uncountable reasons for your emotional and mental strain. It’s okay to feel stressed, just get over it quickly!

So I have been rumbling about ramifications of so many external and internal factors which contributes to our anxiousness and discontentment. Stress comes down to all of us, but we need to knock some sense into people around us that your nagging and advising services are not always welcomed and you are making us feel more miserable. We are losing focus, getting snappy with every passing day, wandering aimlessly in rumpled clothing and unkempt hair. Mind it, we weren’t this way always!


The Magical Bond

I never thought stepping into motherhood would not just be a life changing experience for me but also for some other important people in my life who selflessly love me and everything associated with me. I could not comprehend the feeling of becoming a parent until I witnessed my own parents deliciously and deliriously happy about meeting their first grandchild. According to them they were enjoying becoming parents just like the first time when they brought me to this world.

The relationship that skips a generation is absolutely special, unlike parents there are no expectations whatsoever from the grandchildren. They offer a lot more than just free babysitting every once in a while. We can’t simply ignore the benefits of these family connections and heritage. The most valuable asset that children assimilate from their grandparents are cultural values and history which certainly strengthen their rectitude and personality.

Coming from a childhood filled with love, laughter and family bonding, I want my kids to experience the same fortune and hold respect for their grandparents, as i did. This relationship is not merely about inheriting your family traditions,values and integrity from elders but also about the mutual feeling of love and care. I distinctly remember their endearment and concern for us. They would make every possible effort to make us happy and fulfill our wishes and all unreasonable demands.


Grandparents become slave to their grandchild for the rest of their lives, their face lights up whenever they see them, they coo over their photograph, be thrilled by every achievement and drop every chance to be with them. They never seem to be bored by their repetitive questions, never lost their mind (like we do) when they get up to no good, never busy or moody for them. Always happy to show them a hundred times how to throw a ball or make a tower with the blocks. They are simply, endlessly patient.

On the other hand, children naturally form a strong bond with their paternal and maternal grandparents, irrespective to the fact that they live with them or not. It’s the perfect place to show your kids that they are loved, safe and secure in other homes. Moreover, hanging out with them gives them a chance to learn being nice, caring and follow rules that might be different from their own home.

I’m enthralled when my daughter inquires with excitement if we’re going to Nani’s (Maternal Gradma) house when I just grab my bag and put on shoes while moving towards the door.

I’m delighted when she runs to Amie (Paternal Grandma) for consolation and comfort when I’m upset with her.

Nothing can beat the love of grandfathers who never glower at the kids when they get into mischief or break their favorite piece of decoration. They simply admire and thank God for His gracious blessings and feel glorified that they can see them growing up.

I just hope our kids can enrich their lives with our parents and create memories, the way we did with our grandparents. I adore them and the relationship that is growing among them is wonderful to watch, they spend a lot of time holding hands, laughing and having fun together.

The love of parents for their child is greater than any other love in this world. May God protect our parents from evil eyes, give them long lives with good health and may they be blessed with great strength and joy to see their children achieving their developmental milestones. (Amen)

Can you recall pleasant memories of your grandparents from your childhood? Do you still cherish them?

Tips & Tricks to rock your Eid- “Meri Eid Ki Look”


Festivity of Eid approaches with colorful bangles, beautiful mehndi, traditional clothing, appetizing food and warm family gatherings. A lot of arrangements are done beforehand to make the most of this auspicious occasion. Women being the most exuberant about their Eid plans, shopping and looks tend to show great involvement in the preparations. Therefore Unilever designed a beautiful campaign for making it simpler for women to rejoice the feast with their beautiful looks.


“Meri Eid ki Look” became the talk of the town in the last week of Ramadan. Captivating kiosks offering a huge variety of beauty services at malls in different parts of the country, vibrant advertisements and to top it all we had the YouTube channel beauty tutorials.

Anoushay Ashraf being the brand ambassador for the campaign, was a complete inspiration to all those beautiful ladies who love to experiment something new on themselves. Eid is certainly an event of the year where every woman, young or old, tries to stand out in their families and friends. The tutorials consisted of different Eid day makeup, classy hairstyles and techniques with using fragrances.


Amidst the decorating, shopping, dressing up, party planning, party attending etc, the most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest. Therefore we struggle to put together some beauty looks to complement our festive fashion choice. Being a mom, I have to handle my kids together with the house chores and guests on Eid. Therefore, leaving my hair open and applying heavy makeup is a big no for me. I always want to keep it natural yet classy, complementing my attire but I’m always short of ideas. These mini tutorials were a bliss!



For someone like me, who is not a pro at makeup and styling, always looks up to celebrity advice and tutorials. Some basic products which are must haves for every woman are Fair & Lovely BB Cream for flawless skin, Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo for smooth and shiny hair and Lux Soap for amazing fragrance. If you have these them handy, you’re definitely pulling off some stunner looks!


5 Fallacies about an Emergency C-Section in our society

Motherhood is a transformative experience for a woman. During pregnancy a woman goes through many psychological and physical changes. Pregnancy has a powerful effect on emotions, a woman envisions the birth of a child in a certain way but at times the situation goes beyond control and you end up having a caesarean. Was it in your control to opt for a normal delivery at that time? Could you have possibly done something to avoid the procedure? Had you always wished  to have an incision, disturb your organs, confront complications and distress yourself?

The ultimate goal is to safely give birth to the baby.

1. You get an emergency c-section because you are too scared of labor pains

I believe no mother would have ever planned to have an “emergency” c-section while going through the normal delivery method. It is an option that is presented by the doctor to overcome any complications or threats to the life of the baby or mother. Emergency is something unplanned or serious so just because one cannot bear the pain, they won’t take a chance on their lives. So ladies! Bearing labor pains are the least of worries for a mom who is told that her baby’s life is in danger.

2. Recovery after C section is easier than normal delivery

Having experienced both normal and c section, no way I can acknowledge this fact that recovery after ceasarean is easier. Wound care, pain relief, practical help, physical and emotional recovery all this contributes in the recovery. Moreover, you might be prone to infections, soreness, pain at the side of incision, difficulty in physical movement etc.

C-section recovery is tough. Pain in the lower abdomen makes you feel that you won’t be able to walk again without discomfort. You press a pillow against the stitches when you cough or laugh. Clean your stitches for smooth healing and you take care of your child while thinking how to cope up with the pain and restricted movements. You wait for that day, takes 3 to 6 months, when you feel you’re back to your original state although some parts of your lower abdomen will still be numb.

3. You could have chosen to go for a normal delivery

“Dude!!!!! It was not in my control.”

This is something you hear from a few super caring ladies who visit you after your delivery. Isn’t that enough that you have your baby with you in perfect health and condition? Does it really matter which way out did the baby come from?

Though a mother may opt for a C-section as soon as she is informed about any complications, or waits it out for an hour or more, endangering herself or baby before going for the procedure.

4. You missed out on the birth experience since you will be unconscious

I remember during my C-section I was conscious, I could see my doctor and her team work and cheer me up for the surprise. I distinctly remember how the boys entered the world with their strident cries. This is a myth from the olden days when women were sedated through gas or drugs for an operation but this isn’t the case anymore. Hence, you’re not missing out on anything. The entire experience will be a memorable one, for sure.

5. You cannot bond (breastfeed) with your baby

You can breastfeed right after a caesarean. Generally, all caesareans are regional ones, where an epidural is given before incision. In some rare and complicated cases with general anesthesia, one might be unable to nurse the baby otherwise it is absolutely fine to breastfeed your baby. While a caesarean can leave you exhausted, it’s vital to nurse after every 2 to 3 hours to prevent engorgement.

So there may be a lot of reasons why a mother has to go through the pain of incision, not just because she loves to take risks. This is something personal and should not matter to others.

Live your life, enjoy your new rank and once you give birth to a healthy baby, all is history 🙂 *hugs*

BLS- Redefining your inner beauty


Are you tired of experimenting with new brands of  inner wear and still unable to spot the right one for yourself? Are you bored of the typical designs that have been in the market from your grandma’s era? Are you bored of going to the same stores every time? May be I can make your shopping experience a little better.


Recently I got an invitation to attend the launch of an intimate apparel outlet, British Lingerie Store at LuckyOne Mall. The interior of the outlet is cool and classy and the collection offers a wide range of colors and designs according to the occasion and customer specification. They have a moderately priced collection of bras, nightwear, camisoles and undies available in regular and plus sizes.









The brand offers unique cuts, patterns and colors. Moreover, they soon plan on launching active wear that is gym and sports inner wear. Isn’t that cool? Very few brands in Pakistan cater the fitness conscious segment, who on a no choice basis purchase from online stores, resulting in size issues, of course heavy on the pockets too.


BLS has recently opened it’s outlets in various parts of the country and plans on coming up with new strategies to cater the needs of women and their concerns when it comes to lingerie. They also intend  to create awareness on hygiene and proper sizing of undergarments among Pakistani women. Our society is slowly becoming vocal with the modern era, creating awareness and understanding about health related issues among women is a social responsibility of this industry, BLS aspires to take the initiative.

So get your hands on some amazing frillies and underclothing. Feel good and positive about yourself.

Do share your experience after visiting the store.