BLS- Redefining your inner beauty


Are you tired of experimenting with new brands of  inner wear and still unable to spot the right one for yourself? Are you bored of the typical designs that have been in the market from your grandma’s era? Are you bored of going to the same stores every time? May be I can make your shopping experience a little better.


Recently I got an invitation to attend the launch of an intimate apparel outlet, British Lingerie Store at LuckyOne Mall. The interior of the outlet is cool and classy and the collection offers a wide range of colors and designs according to the occasion and customer specification. They have a moderately priced collection of bras, nightwear, camisoles and undies available in regular and plus sizes.









The brand offers unique cuts, patterns and colors. Moreover, they soon plan on launching active wear that is gym and sports inner wear. Isn’t that cool? Very few brands in Pakistan cater the fitness conscious segment, who on a no choice basis purchase from online stores, resulting in size issues, of course heavy on the pockets too.


BLS has recently opened it’s outlets in various parts of the country and plans on coming up with new strategies to cater the needs of women and their concerns when it comes to lingerie. They also intend  to create awareness on hygiene and proper sizing of undergarments among Pakistani women. Our society is slowly becoming vocal with the modern era, creating awareness and understanding about health related issues among women is a social responsibility of this industry, BLS aspires to take the initiative.

So get your hands on some amazing frillies and underclothing. Feel good and positive about yourself.

Do share your experience after visiting the store.

Review: Pure Ayurveda Hair Oil & Protein Hair Food

Hello Beauties,

My hair has been a total mess post delivery and squirrelly routine with kids. Hairfall, dryness, frizziness, dullness…… name it and I face it. I did a lot of experiments from natural totkas (home remedies) to several good hair treatments and products. But I felt that I need to bring them to their original state and make efforts to permanently make them look good and beautiful like my teenage days. So I decided on getting an oil which could strengthen my roots and make them look beautiful naturally.

I came across reviews of a few friends about a brand called “Pure Ayurveda.” They have a variety of skin and hair care products. Although, I’m in dire need of skin care products too but I first wanted to get hold of my boring hair. While placing the order, I was asked several questions about my diet and routine, then I was recommended to use the oil with protein hair food thrice a week. That’s not all, the package included a free skin care kit. Wow! (Good for me, I didn’t want to spend more bucks on an untested product).

Interestingly, when I read the description, my husband’s hair loss issue sprung to my mind and I decided to give it a try so both of us can benefit together. But after making alot of efforts and pressurizing him, he only applies the oil once a week. I believe, no point in taking reviews from him. :p

About the Product



  1. Packaging

I’ll give them full marks for packaging. The hair essentials come in a transparent, plastic bottles with a press cap. The bottle is secure, sturdy and very handy. I usually carry them in my bag when I am going to my mum’s for a stay over. Never had any leakage issues.


2. Quality

The oil has a pungent smell as soon as you apply, it lingers around for a while then fades away. It reminds me of my childhood when I used to run away when my mom or grandmother used to apply something that had a scent reminiscent to this one. On the other hand, the hair food has a very soft and pleasant fragrance. The combo surely gives good results and you can only smell the fragrance of your shampoo. That’s the best part!


The rich oil blend is a mixture of several herbs and oils (mentioned on the bottle) which makes it an effective cure for damaged hair. The first time I used this oil and protein hair food, I was surprised to see the results. I could not stop flaunting my hair. They were soft, silky and straight. So whenever I have to go somewhere, I make sure that I do the drill.

3. Price and Availability

Pure Ayurveda Oil is available on their online Facebook page “Pure Ayurveda” owned by Ms. Salma Asim. She delivers all her products nationwide, through TCS, in nicely packed card box. The bottles cost Rs. 2500 with a free skin glow kit.



My verdict:

For best results you should apply the hair food for more than the prescribed time, around 10 minutes. It’s been three weeks and I have been applying I could feel my hair really soft, bouncy, shiny and frizz free. I usually use a straightener while moving out for a get together/event but the day I wash my hair with this holy grail, I don’t feel the need of using any styling product. They look so good naturally!

P.s I haven’t tried the glow kit yet just twisted off the caps and the fragrance was amazing. Will keep you posted with the reviews once I overcome my laziness and try those cute samples 🙂










Sindbad Wonderland-The Place To Be


Mothers Day Weekend was so happening and joyful. Although this was my second year on this beautiful journey of motherhood, but the first time I got the real feel of it, when I accompanied my kids to two events specially organized for mothers. So I received two invitations and Sindbad Wonderland, Tariq Road was one of them. I excitedly geared up with my daughter and attended the event.


We were amazed to see the new outlook of the play land. The outlet has been refurbished into an Amazon Jungle themed play area. The whole look is complimented by lots of new, exciting games and rides catering to the entire family. Moreover, I was happy to see the vibrant and engaging soft play area for toddlers which was looked after by a security lady who assured that children do not leave the place without their attendant.


Capture12 (1)

The organizers pulled off a successful meet up despite of the crowd on the weekend. They provided us with Sindbad goody bags with lots of goodies. (Hang in there, you’ll get to see the cool stuff when you scroll down). The most exciting favor was the fun card with lots balance for free rides and games. We made the most of this opportunity and enjoyed to the fullest.                                                     20170514_164954_HDR

Another exciting addition to Wonderland are the bumper cars, unlike the usual ones in town. They are so cool, they not only move back and forth but also have a crazy spin function. While driving one, I didn’t notice the laser game embedded in them, where you can shoot and make other cars spin, while score points for yourself. I loved the ride and so did my little one. Usually she is panicky on fast rides but they were so smooth that she relished and wanted to go for it again.


The last segment of the event was a bumper cars fun race, where mothers had to compete with each other along with the kids. It was so exhilarating since it was a new experience and the competition made it exuberant. It was a short ride but a lot of fun.

Oh did I mention, who was the winner? Ofcourse, US! Alaya and I were already so excited and the victory was overwhelming. We won a lovely gift hamper. Yippeeee! 😀







Overall, it was a great experience. I enjoyed with my kid and also met some like minded and compassionate mother bloggers. We shared our struggle with kids and ways of maintaining our sanity by engaging ourselves in blogging.


Do visit this place, you and your kids will have an amazing time!

Nutella Crepes


Hello fellows!

Here goes the first recipe on my blog.

So I’m not good at cooking and have recently developed a hobby for experimenting with different ingredients and coming up with new recipes. They turn out okay 50% of the time, 30% a disaster and 20% they are loved by the family and I’m on cloud nine. I’m actually scared of cooking but proud of my attempts. That’s learning you know :p But to be honest, I really feel sad, very sad when my efforts go in vain.

So this recipe is a part of that 20% when I have been proud of my achievement. Have been trying these crepes for quite sometime and they are a must try for weekends. I found this on a cooking group, tried and loved it. Super easy and the taste is to die for. So here goes the recipe:


1 cup flour

2 eggs

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup milk (room temperature)

1/4 tsp salt

4 tbsp fine sugar

2 tbsp melted butter

Nutella as much as you like


-Sift the flour, sugar and salt together

-Beat the eggs and mix with the flour mixture

-Add milk and water to the mixture very slowly, keep mixing it using a whisk to avoid lumps

-Add butter

-Heat a small frying pan, pour about 1/4 cup of the mixture in and let it cook (similar to a pan cake but thinner)

-When one side is done turn it over, it’s a very soft thin roti (unlike a pan cake)

-Put nutella on that side when the other side is cooking. Fold it in half and then another half until you get a pizza slice shaped crepe.

-Pour more Nutella on top if you like.

Trick: The batter won’t be thick like pancakes, thin consistency will make a soft roti.

Best part of this recipe is that my kids love nutella and they love these crepes too. I don’t have to run after them and forcibly make something go in their tummies.

Do try and let me know how they turn out. Please also share if you have a better recipe, would love to give it a shot.

P.S: This recipe yields 4 to 5 crepes.








Labor Day: A meaningless day for the majority in Pakistan

Just wondering while I gaze out of the window, if we’re really celebrating Labor Day (May 1st). I can see the masons carrying the bricks and cement mix to an under construction 4 story building, right in front of my house. Within the time span of 5 minutes I saw the same, poor worker climbing up and coming down thrice with heavy load of cement mixture on his head. It’s 2ish in the afternoon and the temperature is 40 °C. Isn’t this distressful?

I can’t help but wonder about the impact of this public holiday on the lower/ working class of the country. They are the direct sufferers of the sky rocketing price hike which is not improving their standard of living by any means. They are in a constant struggle to make both ends meet. The prices of basic amenities and daily usage commodities is increasing exorbitantly. Education, health facilities, social protection are secondary or may be luxuries for them.


Upon inquiring about their stance on Labor Day, they smile in grief and exclaim “Ghareeb ghar mein nahi bhetsakta!” (Poor cannot sit idle at home). These are the words I listen from my maid who comes for the routine cleanup and house chores. Despite of giving her a day off, she came for an extra earning to work today. Since she has to get her child’s treatment done she needs money and not a day away from work. This is just one example of the lack of health facilities to support the under privileged class, there are numerous examples which portray misfortune and hardship our lower class is going through and the struggle seems to be a never ending battle.

These working class are a backbone to our country and undoubtedly we cannot progress until we reform and enlighten them. Sadly we can’t see anything happening for them, rather the situation is getting worse. The rich is getting richer and the poor is suffering to death.

So today it’s extremely hot in Karachi and we’re thankful for getting this day off and relaxing with our TVs and ACs on. On the other hand there is someone who is working in this scorching heat, trying to earn bread and butter for his/her family. Does this really fulfill the purpose of this holiday?

About Me and The Blog

About Me

Hello and Assalamualikum!!!

I am Sahar. A twenty something inspired Pakistani mother blogger who has a penchant for writing, an unhealthy addiction to crime shows, passion for swimming, love for street food and Indian music, feels wanderlust all the time and has a great aspiration to be a super mom of three naughty toddlers.

I am blessed to have a beautiful family. A husband (constant support system who bears all my tantrums with great patience), a daughter (mini me but a prettier version) and twin boys ( source of endless entertainment and reason for my insanity). Being the first born to my parents, I enjoy being bossy to my three innocent siblings and a confidante to my super cool parents. This is my world!

I dream of raising my kids as well-rounded individuals with a strong character, great values and amazing human beings by providing them a solid support and learning system at home. And most of all, I want them to be best friends.


About the Blog

Being a mom is not an easy task, it needs an optimistic attitude in dealing with tantrums, food spills, endless diaper changing sprees and surviving sleepless days and nights. In all this chaos you usually miss yourself, your own existence. Together with exploring life with family, I am going to share my personal experiences and come out with some tips to take out some ‘me-time’ from ‘mom-time.’

Moreover, it’s not just about being a mom but also exploring a lot of things around and pop up with great ideas to make life happening and worth living. This blog is my diary to share and figure out with you, along with the mystery of parenthood and magic and motherhood, our lifestyle, our beauty regimen, life experiences, memories and everything beautiful around us.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to contact and discuss anything which is worth sharing, needs encouragement and helps us to keep our sanity intact. I’d love to be a part.



Perfect start to a Sunday!

I love beaches!!! Talking about beaches makes me so excited, I feel I can live by the shore all my life, seriously 😀

Every time when my siblings or cousins are around in town, I want to go to the beach once, for sure. But sadly, not everyone shares the same love or enthusiasm for a picnic on the coast. It’s either the weather, safety issues or mere laziness that no one wants to wake up early morning on a weekend. But I never give up trying to execute a plan.

So last weekend, after putting immense effort in convincing my hubster to take us (with kids) to the beach, enticing him for a good nap time in the afternoon with zero disturbance. Pheww!! We finally hit the beach.

Though a perfect trip to the beach is not to the Clifton Beach in terms of cleanliness, privacy and outlook but nonetheless still better than being a lazy bum and wasting a Sunday.

So we set our alarms for 7 am and managed to leave by 8:30 am. Yes! It took us 1.5 hrs to get ready with the kids. (Mind you, this it the least we usually take with our three munchkins) 😂 Thankfully, the weather was pleasant and the sun was kind to us at 9 am. But the beach was a major disappointment though it was less crowded but heavily polluted. Looked like sewer overflow and people dumped their trash in the water. I feel really sad that we can’t preserve this asset.

Anyways, so yes, kids loved the beach but we let them stay close to the water for a short while because of hygiene reasons. Otherwise if you let them run around under constant supervision, they thoroughly enjoy it and you have a great time with them too. So we stayed there for around half an hour, had breakfast and came back home.

I’d say, beaches are an amazing getaway for a weekend morning if you can enjoy the beautiful sounds of waves crashing and cool breeze wandering up from the quiet sea. There’s nothing like it!

So next time it will definitely be a proper plan to a nice beach, book a hut in advance, pack food and other stuff and head to the beach!